This made so much sense at the beginning

One Step Away · 11/25/2006

1:31pm. Why? Why would you do it? You were only one! Step! Away!

Was this the first time? Or has it happened before? I believe the boss. I think mom is lying.

If you miss a test do you have to fail it? What kind of a school is this. It seems every school Keanu goes to the teachers/principals just hate those goodfornothing kids. Maybe with good reason. They are punks!

This incident is greatly akin to the Crappy the Horse debacle.

The klog has (obviously) slowed down a lot – whether or not we want to admit it, we may be beginning to lose the war of attrition with the ‘Thon. We may lose this “battle,” but we will win the next… “battle.”

If this guy isn’t abusing Olivia D’abo, he is browbeating Keanu’s mom. He chaps my hide!


If Keanu and mom really needed cash couldn’t he have started walking the streets? That worked in Private Idaho, why not now? Then he would get inheritance and everything would work out great! He could even renounce people who had been “nice” to him publicly and run for MPL office. Yay!

Why does he have to go to night school? Couldn’t he just go to high school? How does the Canadian eduucation system work?

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But how can we obtain true melodious splendor unless we are allowed to turn our amps to their utmost volume? — bill and teds excellent adventure cartoon