This made so much sense at the beginning

Dream to Believe

From now on, I'm a free agent. Look out girls, it's open season on Tommy Wernicke!

She said she didn't want me to wear clothes like this in her class. So I took 'em off.

We could both sleep with the dogs.

You're fucking right it is.

Oh... guess I'm just not pretty enough for you.

Yeah, but at least I don't drool any more.

[whooa] Who can fault a movie that starts off with a rip-off of Madonna’s “Borderline” and includes a guy who looks just like Grandmaster Flash? “Dream To Believe” (also known as “Flying”) is a movie that brings us through the full range of emotions in grand classic 80s style. We get a woman mullet, a lot of really bad outfits (Converse and parachute pants, legwarmers, etc), all held together by a cheesy plotline. Keanu is pretty cute in this one. Though it is a bad movie, I enjoyed the Keanu parts quite a bit.


[whooa] Sure, this is a mediocre “Flashdance” ripoff. But with gymnastics. And different music (that sounds almost the same as the “Flashdance” music). And Keanu. Almost as much as any 1986 Keanu movie (and there were quite a few), this emphasizes the cuteness of the Keanu. Fabulous Olivia D’abo “Salvation Army” rolling on the clothes scene (what Salvation Army is this?). In addition to sporting parachute pants, also has a classic “Iputmilkinyourseatandyoujustsatonitsoi’lllaughatyouscene” which makes the movie worthwhiler. One of the greatest whocanoutcondimentthehotdog scenes ever recorded on film. The lead couple (Keanu & D’abo) gets to know each other (in the biblical sense) while the song “For The First Time” is being played in the background. All of this adds up to a good “Flashdance” ripoff to me.



Anthony KramreitherMark Sanderson
Denis SimpsonFred Stoner
Olivia d'AboRobin Crew
Rita TushinghamJean Stoller
Sean McCannJack Crew

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