This made so much sense at the beginning

Hangin' In

He rescued us.

Hey. Where do you keep the towels? Pete said we could use a shower.

[wh] I didn’t really watch this one, but it was exciting to see Keanu show up with a silly hair cut and a couple lines.


[whooa] Avoids the lowest ratings based almost wholly on historical significance (being Keanu’s first onscreen appearance in any way). Keanu seems to be some sort of head street urchin taken in by a kook Canadian do-gooder (who wears tight, tight, short shorts… ahhh… how fashion has changed for the worse). His few lines are delivered with typical aplomb, but our video version leaves a bit to be desired on the quality side (Max Headroom had more facial definition and looked like more of a real person than some of these folks) – so nuances of the show are tough to discern. Whatever the quality, I’m certain this is neither the best Canada has to offer, nor Keanu.



David EisnerMichael Difalco
Lally CadeauKate Brown
Ruth SprinfordDoris Webster

(other guy: Hey kid. Let me get you a drink. Whattya have?) Ginger ale. (og: And?) Tequila? Tequila. Tequila. — the night before