This made so much sense at the beginning

The Matrix: Regurgitated

But we control these machines — they don't control us... If we wanted to, we could shut these machines down.

I just haven't been able to sleep.

[whooa] This movie seems to have lost any sense of humor the first ripoff (pretty sure every 20th century book, movie or thought was pillaged in and around the making of all these movies), I mean movie, had; but, I do like it the best of the 109 zillion Matrix things I’ve seen. Bleak, hopeless & the most admittedly full of itself of all of them with its Psych 101 pondering and the downright Yogi Berraisms (“we’re all here to do what we’re all here to do because we’re all here to do what we’re all here to do” – wow! deep!) – at least at times it feels like it has a glimmer of something (and despite the lack of humor, a little fun) in its CGI heart (glimmer of what? no idea). This is after the orgy, of course.


[wh] I am reminded now on my second viewing why I disliked this movie so much during the first viewing. This movie takes all of the (maybe three) good things from the first movie and just keeps overplaying them. There is a relatively good shot of Trinity falling, but it lasts 10 minutes and we see it four times; there are a couple good fight scenes, but they last 45 minutes too long; and there is a chase scene that people keep on raving about, but it has no more cool effects that we have never seen before. Oh, and have I yet mentioned the writing: “It is not the choice that you make but why you make the choice that you must understand.” “You have not made us free, but instead made us not free.” “What will happen will happen, and that is how it will happen.” Oh yes, and in my excitement about how bad the writing was, I forgot to mention the overly computerized scenes: all of them. It looks like a computer game in some of them even. Argh, make the pain stop. Pull my plug. Please.



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