This made so much sense at the beginning

Lost in Translation

[whooooa] One could say thanking Keanu is what the ‘Thon is all about. Actual lack of Keanu downgrades this from a “whoooooa” to a “whooooa.”


[whoooooa!] While we did not watch the film, and while I’m sure the film is quite good, the reason we watched was for the “thank you” at the end of the credits. Thus, since this really is the essence of why we ‘Thon, this viewing receives a full “whoooooa”



Anne JoyceCamera operator: karaoke (as Anne Rice)
Brian KoboOn-set bilingual coordinator
Eriko MiyagawaBilingual production assistant
Maremi WatanabeProduction Intern

I know where the bastard sleeps. — dracula