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Under the Influence

Everybody's got a hungry heart.

You'll love it — it's pink.

[whoa] Two words: Andy Griffith. The movie splices in bad stand-up comedy into the real story; the comedy scenes detract from the actual story in a bad way. Not sure what the director/writer was thinking when he/she came up with that one. I never really was able to get into this one. Maybe if Keanu had a better role in it, then I could have appreciated it more, but really, I don’t need to watch a movie about alcoholics.


[whooa] Andy Griffith & Keanu Reeves. Huh? Another TV movie tackling a tough issue (alcoholism) and how it affects a family. Of the 4 children we have Paul Provenza (who does stand-up, which is intercut with the movie; but is no Rob Morrow), a female Chalmers, Keanu & an embarrassed (of Andy) high school daughter. Keanu plays the youngest son, with the “strongest” (messiest) relationship with the Dad (Griffith) – Andy handles his role well (definitely in “A Face in the Crowd” mode), as does Keanu (who lacks screen time and lines). Not exactly a topic which can be handled completely in 90 minutes, but still a nice movie, bit of a downer (understandably), but ultimately uplifting (predictably, but well executed). Features one of the greatest scenes ever (Keanu singing “Hungry Heart”) – which elevates this from a “whoa” to “whooa.”



Andy GriffithNoah Talbot
Dana AndersenTerri Talbot
Danae TornFloozie Girl
Joyce Van PattenHelen Talbot
Paul ProvenzaStephen Talbot
Season HubleyAnn Talbot Simpson

You'll love it — it's pink. — under the influence