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[whoooa] For a cheesy after school special (a Canadian one nonetheless), this is not so bad. Keanu really shows a good basis of acting skill but still manages to show a bit of the classic Keanu sass we have all come to love.


[whooooa] This Canadian afterschoolspecialishtypething is the first great (chronologically, not alphabetically, of course) Keanu performance. 28 minutes (no relation to “28 Days” or “28 Days Later”) is far too short of a period of time to spend on this “bad youth trying to be good” tale. Although Keanu is fingered and accused of every crime in all of Canada, he manages to keep a pretty good attitude (after a soul searching trip) and makes an impressive sacrifice for his mom, which might normally seem undoable, but Keanu makes seem believable. Seems to ask the question what is a “bag egg” in the youth of Canada (not Keanu! despite the fact everyone thinks he is the rotten egg spoiling the apple barrel). Keanu sports a bit of an accent (Canadian, silly). Features the first reference to Keanu as a “Punk” (specifically “punk crook”). Also a potential Midnight Run prequel when Keanu jumps bail and hitches 50+ kilometers to go to Rigaud (yes, Rigaud). Woohoo! Here comes Bobby D. I hear things.



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