This made so much sense at the beginning

Chain Reaction

Power and money -- is that what that was all about?

Only physicists with hypothermia who are accused of being terrorists.

And for dinner we have a choice of sardines, or sardines.

Not cops. Cops carry badge, credit cards, pictures of their families.

[whooa] It is never a good time when Morgan Freeman (decidedly different from Morgan Fairchild who cameos in “Freaked”) plays the bad guy. No, Chain Reaction is not all that good of a movie, despite how hard he tries. I really do wish it were a good one. It has a lot of potential, but it just seems to fall short. Oh well.


[whooa] Good enough. Especially considering this movie was made without a screenplay. More or less a replica of “The Fugitive” (set in Chicago, same director, dogged pursuer, innocent accused, true evil in the form of the best friend, etc.) with lesser results (unfortunately). Every time I watch this movie I want it to be great. I think it should be great. Just never is. I remain inexplicably without answers. The leads have chemistry, it is a great idea, tangible evil opposes the heroes in nefarious ways, etc. The whole thing remains static and without urgency despite good work from the lead (a young up-and-comer named Keanu Reeves). Would like them to get this same group of people together again to make a movie, but this time with a different (better? actual?) screenwriter and one of those crazy things called a “script.”



Brian CoxLyman Earl Collier
Fred WardFBI Agent Leon Ford
GodfreyChidi Egbuna
Morgan FreemanPaul Shannon
Ned SchmidkeWisconsin Chief Schmidke
Rachel WeiszDr. Lily Sinclair
Tzi MaLu Chen

We're probably missing out on some really good ethnic food, if we just look around. — the night before