This made so much sense at the beginning


Damn, that looked good.

Since then he's been... slapping the salami.

That is one messed up little dude.

My brothers were ragging on me and I couldn't back down.

We can record our love.

Man, your mother can talk.

[whooooa] A pivotal movie in Keanu’s career as he continues to move out of the troubled teenage part (I feel like he has been in that part forever) and out of the house of parents, Parenthood is a wonderful family comedy with dark humor and Steve Martin. When I first saw it as a kid, I was a little too young to understand most of the humor, but now I have Matt to help explain it to me. If only there were more Keanu in it.


[whooooa] Not a Keanu movie, per se, but still pretty darn good. Classic Keanu performance, which cemented his goofy movie persona (along with “Bill & Ted”) as a bit of a dolt – not necessarily a good thing (actually a bad thing), but I’ll try not to hold that against an otherwise fine movie. Includes Keanu with a baby, a Phoenix, & a funny car race. His role as “Tod” could have been kind of a throwaway, more or less a plot device – but Keanu elevates it and makes it into so much more.



Dianne WiestHelen Buckman
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This trip through space and time is going to be over soon enough anyway, right? Doesn't need any help from me. Came into this thing kicking and screaming, going out the same way. — permanent record