This made so much sense at the beginning

Johnny Mnemonic

Question. You don't look like the kind of people I usually work for.

Double cheese, anchovies?

If I just wanted the silicon dug out of my brain, I'd go to Mexico City. I want a full restoration. I want it all back.

You told me 800k would cover it.

Pick it up Ralphie.

We've got... ice.

[whoooooa!] This is the reason we ‘Thon. No, really, it seriously is the reason we ‘Thon. It is the spark that broke the Keanu’s back. This is a bad movie, but it’s its incredible badness that makes it so incredibly good. I really do enjoy watching this movie every single time I see it. I particularly enjoy Keanu’s speech close to the end about pressed shirts and hookers. Truly inspirational.


[whoooooa!] He may be “Just Johnny” to his friends, but he is one of the all time greats to me. I could never count the ways to adequately do this “new classic” any kind of justice. The speech. The fish. The ‘Net. The suit. The hair. The EVERYWHERE. The all of it. When looking for “maligned” in the dictionary, chances are you’ll see a definition mentioning “Just Johnny” Mnemonic – don’t believe it. This movie is the best. Life changingly fabulous movie. The reason why we ‘Thon.



Dennis AkayamaDennis Akayama
Dolph LundgrenStreet Preacher

So how about it? You want that ride? — rush rush