This made so much sense at the beginning


Thanks for breakfast.

[whooa] Keanu is in this one for about 30 seconds. The movie is a bit strange, very much an after school special/college student film. It is a typical love story, except it is about a boy in love with poetry.


[whooa] Oops! I was adjusting my Keanuthong & missed Keanu. USC film school film about a high school kid (played by a very pleasant actor who looks at least 33) who really wants to go to Brown (as we can see, because everyone in the movie is wearing a Brown t-shirt and there are Brown pennants on the walls) – so he just has the gall to attend classes and then, of course, gets accused of “wanting to get an education” by a professor (worry not, they reconcile after beat poetry, which is very Neal Cassady). Keanu is “the other guy” with one line (“thanks for the breakfast”) then rides off on his motorcycle (getting to see him ride the bike = cool). Nice short. Much better than a bad long.



David GreenleeFriend of "that guy"
Dedee PfeifferFriend (girl) (but not a "girlfriend," least I don't think so) of "that guy"
JD Cullum"That guy" who wants "to learn"

You got a lot of pretty things. I like looking at them. — the gift