This made so much sense at the beginning

Me & Will

[whoa] Didn’t watch it, but the only part with Keanu was when Dogstar was playing at the beginning. They sounded good.


[whooa] On the road again. I just can wait to get on the road again. Maybe I should sort shit out. At home? Nah. Maybe I should sort out my shit while searching for Dennis Hopper (or Peter Fonda’s chopper or something) with somebody I met in rehab who has parental issues almost as big (but not quite) as I do, while spitting up blood along the way while the virus carrier from “Outbreak” (who probably still can’t buy me love) is somehow following me. Sounds like fun to me. Better if next time, instead of the bloodspittingroadtrippingthing, we were Dogstar groupies. They sure did sound good at the beginning of this.


Terrible types on the streets of Manhattan: muggers, rapists, mimes. — life under water