This made so much sense at the beginning

The Matrix: Revolting

[wh] Is the blue pill still an option? I’m guessing it isn’t.


[wh] Tedious yet brief, brief yet tedious. No, no. Laborious. Fight scenes, battle scenes, plain talking scenes — they are all way to long and laborious. And worst of all none of it makes sense. Why couldn’t the brothers have just been satisfied with making one movie? Oh look, another burly brawl. Oh look, another Neo vs. Mr. Smith fight. Oh look, the ending is nowhere in sight, and when it does arrive, I don’t like it. Keanu makes a deal with the machines… sounds like a deal with the devil, and if you wanted “The Devil’s Advocate” you know how that one turns out.


If you're worried, the place is well lit--people can hear your screams. — hardball