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A & E Biography: Keanu Reeves

[whooooa] A&E has done a marvelous job (especially in comparison to the work of Carla’s ass that we saw earlier in the ‘Thon) on this biography. It portrays Keanu as the work-aholic, go-getter, shy, sensitive man that he is and displays his range of acting ability as well as a few insights into his private life. Entertaining and educational.


[whooa] Although a finer TV bio than that one produced by Carla’s Ass Inc., still isn’t as fabulous as one would hope. My main qualm is sheer lack of Keanu (excluding those “red carpet” & “on the way to a restaurant” clips) – although it is nice to see other people saying how great Keanu is (besides Jeff & Carla), I would’ve liked to have seen (& heard) more interviews/clips with the actual Keanu. Or something. Just didn’t leave much of an impression on me or at least not the really good impression I had hoped for.


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