This made so much sense at the beginning


She do it to me last year, huh?

[whoa] This movie features Keanu sporting a French accent: the heaviest, worst French accent. We also have taking shots of tequila with Patrick Swayze and the hockey boys, and Keanu showing off his goalie skills. This movie is summed up by “I wrote some points down at the beginning but lost all hope for life”. Please make this one go away. Not only is there almost no Keanu, it is also just a terrible terrible terrible movie. The only thing keeping me from rating this [wh] is that there are worse movies yet to come.


[whoa] Has some serious champions among my friends (alright, one serious champion, but he lauds it highly) and everyone knows I am a big male homoeroticism fan, but Youngblood should be the story of a spunky French-Canadian (K.C. Reeves), not Rob Lowe. Were it his story and not (I repeat) Rob Lowe’s, I would be a huge fan. I firmly believe the world needs a great Keanu Reeves hockey movie (not just one movie where Keanu is in the movie playing hockey), but this is just not it. We know we’re in trouble when mom asks, “where is Keanu?” Even Gene Wilder couldn’t save this one. Rates above a “wh” because I still believe there may be some perverse joy in this movie; hopefully I’ll find it next year.



Cynthia GibbJessie Chadwick
Ed LauterMurray Chadwick
Jaap BroekerAssistant Coach (uncredited)
Patrick SwayzeDerek Sutton
Rob LoweDean Youngblood

Rad is good. I have some research to do. — young again