This made so much sense at the beginning

Act of Vengeance

We just do it and run, okay?

Did either of you ever put your hand, I mean your mean whole fucking hand, inside a lady.

It's not a boast, but it shows I was meant for something special.

[whooa] Keanu appears at the end of this movie as a hired killer. Unfortunately you have to watch the entire movie just to see a little bit of Keanu. Fortunately, at the end, he is pretty good. The movie isn’t all that bad, but there is just so little Keanu. It is definitely creepy with some strange sex scenes.


[whooa] Keanu hardly has a starring role in this (although he is the title character) and the movie itself is a little creepy (that hole in the leg thing will probably always spook me out), but pretty generally alright. Charles Bronson & Ellen Burstyn turn in nice performances (Maury Chaykin, too) in this fact based story and Keanu shows some of that flashy (crazy) charm we’ve all come to love in his few minutes onscreen. And of course, Oats. Oh, Oats.



Charles BronsonJoseph 'Jock' Yablonski
Ellen BarkinAnnette Gilly
Ellen BurstynMargaret Yablonski
Maury ChaykinClaude Vealey

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