This made so much sense at the beginning

Life Under Water

Terrible types on the streets of Manhattan: muggers, rapists, mimes.

Pyorrhea, pyorrhea, her gums were infected, not her sex organs. She was a virgin.

I'm very nice. I'm harmless.

This was a whim and I've got to stick to it or I'm dead.

I'm not very resourceful.

What time is it in Indianapolis, anyway?

It's a big house. It can take care of itself.

You're going out so I'm staying in. What is that? Physics?

[whooooa] A dark horse in the ‘Thon this year. This is a really good movie with a lot of Keanu and some wonderful lines. Sarah Jessica Parker stars with Keanu, which makes the movie that much better. This is also a transitional movie for Keanu, since he starts to move out of his troubled teenager, escape from parents role. I will look forward to this one next year.


[whoooooa!] Carrie Bradshaw is the ugly one. That one sure threw me for a loop. That said, this is a real treat, my only complaint is the length. Only one hour long, could have watched this for at least a couple more. Would gladly view this funny, intelligent Richard Greenberg piece 3 times instead of, for example, “Bam Stroker’s Dracula” – could that be an option? First glimpse of Keanu as a kid out of high school (and in the Hamptons). Delicate performance by Keanu of a confused kid with what seems to be too many options and lack of desire or ability to make the choices he needs/wants to make. Great surprise, great movie, great example of why we ‘Thon.


You're the expert. I just work here. — speed