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Dangerous Liaisions

Do as I say.

[whoa] Really haven’t ever gotten into watching this one. Keanu is barely in it at all, except for a sword fighting scene at the end, that no doubt some “The Matrix” fan will point out is foreshadowing for his crazy drunken boxing kung-fu fighting sci-fi days to come. But really, it isn’t. Some movie aficionados might say this movie is a wonder of the cinema, but really this movie needs a whole lot more Keanu.


[whoa] We get to see almost everyone’s breasts in this but Keanu’s. What kind of justice is there in such a film? Granted this does make a nice 1989 historical double feature with “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” – but outside of this drive-in delight, what is our Keanuthonic motivation? A good swordfight scene, sure. Many come hither looks. Everyone wearing a wig. Wait. I’ve yet to list any good motivation. Still thinking. Although it used to be Casey’s favorite movie, still may have to get back to you on this one.



Glenn CloseMarquise Isabelle de Merteuil
John MalkovichVicomte Sebastien de Valmont
Michelle PfeifferMadame Marie de Tourvel
Mildred NatwickMadame de Rosemonde
Swoosie KurtzMadame de Volanges
Uma ThurmanCecile de Volanges

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