This made so much sense at the beginning

I Love You to Death

If we're gonna waste the dude, we oughta get paid for it. I mean, that's the American way, ain't it?

If we keep shooting Joey don't you think he might get suspicious?

Shit man, wow, fuck... a bunch.

Is that legal? You know, having sex with a kangaroo?

Hey, look man, be cool. It's OK. The guy is just a taxi driver. It's not like he's whatshisname. What is his name?

[whooooa] OK, I admit, I fell asleep during the showing of this movie this year, but I do really like it a lot. It is a really funny movie with a great cast. Keanu is not in the movie all that much. He makes an appearance close to the end with William Hurt, playing hit men (yes, once again he is a hit man who shows up at the end of the film to do his duty). This time Keanu is unsuccessful in his hit though. Oh well, I gave away the end of the movie. You should have seen it before now anyway.


[whooooa] Based on a true story, much like my life has been based on a true story (up to this point). Critically maligned when released (and to this day, if anyone remembers it was made) – but I like it. From the “Keanu interesting hair period” (see “Prince” & “Parenthood”) – but yet again, if the hair fits, wear it. Great cast with well-balanced over-the-top performances (make any sense?). Feel some definitely sequel potential – “I Still Really Love You To Death (and know what you did last summer): Adventures of Harlan & Marlon.”


How are we going to get his attention? Sign of the devil! Dude. — bill and teds bogus journey