This made so much sense at the beginning

Letting Go


[wh] This movie is terrible. Painful. Awful. Keanu shows up playing a teenager interested in buying stereo equipment. Other than that, there are no redeeming qualities of this film. Most likely, that will be the way most of these end up.


[whoa] 1st TV movie (first movie, then, I guess). Keanu has about as much screen time in Hangin’ In as he does in this movie (and Letting Go is 5 times as long). I’m sure you can imagine my reaction to that. I do like John Ritter & Sharon Gless and this does handle a tough issue (but at times with unadvisable methods such as smelling rotten eggs), but most of all I like Keanu’s scene (which admittedly has nothing to do with the rest of the film, but is the finest part of the movie). Gets my all-time movie nomination for best delivery of the word “Boogie!” (exclamation point included) – but the movie loses points because John Ritter successfully accosts & dismisses Keanu (and friend) without much of a successful fight from Keanu, playing “Stereo Teen #1” (do I smell a sequel based on this popular & lovable character?).


I want you to teach me. — point break