This made so much sense at the beginning

Brotherhood of Justice

Like always. Protect your quarterback.

I plan on going to Harvard in the fall — not Lebanon.

That was pretty damn teriffic.

Fun is important too.

Not enough for you, but too much for me.

Pretty soon you're going to have to carry around your lunch in a safety deposit box.

[whoooooa!] Instant classic. Seems to foreshadow every Keanu movie made after it. Too many self-referential references to even think about or mention. Contains a vigilante-not-that-bad message (perhaps not the best message for the high-schoolers this seems aimed at), but I’ve said on more than one occasion, “Message! Shmessage! Vigilantes are pretty good!” (this is a phrase which works in most situations).


[whoooooa!] Keanu plays the “class president” type character in this one, a role he pulls off pretty well. He does hang out with the jocks and other cool guys who end up forming the “brotherhood of justice” to take vengeance on hoodlums, drug dealers, guys with earrings, and other such slum of society. The cultural significance of this movie, what with all the many references to future Keanu movies, makes me really enjoy it. It is the subcontext of the movie that makes it so good. As we continue on through this movie, we realize that it is really a greatest hits record of all of Keanu’s movies, and it has given us the slogan of the ‘Thon: “This made so much sense at the beginning”.


I think we're in our own personal hell. — bill and teds bogus journey