This made so much sense at the beginning



Twelve milkmen is theoretically possible, thirteen looks silly.

[whoooa] This movie has more sentimental value than anything else. It was written and directed by Alex Winter (the Bill of Bill & Ted), and Keanu plays a character named “Dawgboy,” which makes me wonder if that was the original inspiration for the name of Keanu’s band. This movie is quite freaky; makes me think of the kind of movie that Matt and I would write if we had any ambition to write a really freaky movie. Funny at parts, laborious at others.


[whoooa] Where are more movies from Alex Winter? You know. Alex Winter. Bill Preston, Esquire. In addition to being “the one who isn’t Keanu,” he decided to make a kind of a modern day Tod Browning movie (but with a lot more prosthetic make up & Mr. T), which succeeds at exactly what it wants to do – be pretty funny and weird. Nice to watch a movie with modestly good ambitions. Too bad the audiences of the world are watching “Dracula,” instead of this. Really. I mean that.



Alex WinterRicky Coogan
Brooke ShieldsSkye Daley
Mihaly "Michu" MeszarosGeorge Ramirez #3
Mr. TThe Bearded Lady
Nicholas CohnBob Vila Look-a-like
Randy QuaidElijah C. Skuggs
William SadlerDick Brian

Sir, Harry volunteers to examine the device. — speed