This made so much sense at the beginning

The Watcher

Want a beer? It'll make you feel better.

The guilt must have been unbearable. Or something like that.

I'm trying to have a real conversation, and you're trying to psychoanalyze me.

She loves me. She's decomposing. She loves me. She's decomposing.

Do you think some of your patients come to see you because you are very pretty?

Wasn't it suspenseful?

At least you didn't move to New Jersey, right?

[whooooa] Yes, Keanu has played the bad guy in a number of movies, but there have been none (so far) in which he is as creepy as he is in this one. But, because he is so Keanu, he pulls it off great. It is not the Crispin or Dennis creepy that we have come to expect from so many of the films we have seen. No, no, this is a good creepy; the kind of creepy you write home about. Keanu counters James Spader’s character wonderfully, and the cast is filled out with Marisa Tomei and Ernie Hudson. How can you go wrong?


[whoooa] Sure, this is a fairly creepy serial killer picture, but it does its thing pretty well. Keanu plays another “bad guy” (dueling it out with the ever fabulously slimy “good guy” James Spader). Keanu does get to chew through the scenery (kinda) with some tremendously hammy dialogue. Not a great movie, doesn’t tread any new ground, but succeeds in being an effective genre film. Only movie where Keanu clearly seems to (“clearly seems to” is a phrase of certainty, isn’t it?) die with the inability to play Death in Twister to get a chance to not be dead any more (also not counting whatever happens to him at the end of “Matrix: Revolting” – he might just be taking a nap at the end of that, not sure, think I was napping too).



James SpaderJoel Campbell
Marisa TomeiDr. Polly Bielman
Mike Bacarella(uncredited)

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