This made so much sense at the beginning

The Matrix

We're gonna need guns... lots of guns.

[whoa] If only Keanu had taken the blue pill.


[whoooa] Yes, The Matrix is a take off on Johnny Mnemonic. No, it does not have Ice-T or a really awesome speech in it, but yes it is a take off on Johnny Mnemonic. So, is it good? Well, it has some redeeming qualities certainly. It has Keanu in it, and Keanu is revealed as “the one”, but as we at the ‘Thon know, Keanu has been “the one” for a long long time, ever since 1984 when he starred in “Hangin’ In.” Carrie-Ann Moss is cast perfectly as the vinyl/leather-wearing Trinity uberhacker, and Laurence Fishburne has such a cool voice. Hugo Weaving, as the sinister Agent Smith, has that lilting voice that makes you want to talk like him when you see him in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy years after this came out: he’s just so cool. You know what, the special effects are pretty damn cool too, especially when you first see them and you have never seen anything like it before in your life (well, except for that Gap commercial, but really, who started swing dancing" after seeing a Gap commercial? Compare that to how many people started hacking their brains and dodging bullets after seeing Johnny… oh sorry, I was talking about The Matrix.)


Wasn't it suspenseful? — the watcher