This made so much sense at the beginning

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

We were wondering if you could maybe help us find somebody who could maybe help us build something?

Only the most serene and enlightened souls shall gain audience. Dude, we're in trouble.

I think we're in our own personal hell.

How are we going to get his attention? Sign of the devil! Dude.

I guess maybe sell some more blood.


[whoooa] All in all, this movie is pretty cheesy and funny, but I don’t think it is as good as the original “Excellent Adventure.” The best scene of the movie is when Bill and Ted play the Grim Reaper to get out of hell. Really a cute and funny scene.


[whoooa] Die and the world laughs more than when the it was laughing with you when you were alive and they were laughing (with you). More Ted (more Bill, too), just what we (when I say “we” in mean I) needed and wanted after (and during) the “Excellent Adventure.” One of those sequels that outshines the first (like, say, “Bride of the Re-Animator” was superior to the “Re-Animator” or how I liked “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” better than “Gremlins”). Along with “Tune in Tomorrow,” moves Keanu firmly into the unTeen category (and certainly unTroubled – although he will later be Troubled, he was yet to go back to Teen, likely because it would stretch the imaginatory limits). One of the few Keanu movies with a joke derived from a Bergman film. Also a return of an Oats, fan favorite since “Act of Vengeance.”



Alex WinterBill S. Preston, Esq./Granny Preston/Evil Bill
Chelcie RossColonel Oats
Chris Matheson'Ugly' Seance Member
Eleni KelakosRia Paschelle
Hal Landon, Sr.Thomas Edison
Joss AcklandChuck De Nomolos
Pam GrierMs. Wardroe
William SadlerGrim Reaper/English Family Member

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