This made so much sense at the beginning

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Maybe we should start learning how to play.

Hey! it was me who stole my dad's keys.

Yeah, it's us!

I am Ted of San Dimas and I bring to you a message of love.

The world is full of history.

[whoooa] Once again, pretty cheesy and funny. A little bit better than “Bogus Journey,” but that’s not saying all that much. Both of the films have some classic slacker lines, and of course the “phrase” “EXCELLENT,” not to mention some serious air guitar thrashing.


[whooa] Probably, like the “The Matrix” movies, never given a fair shake by me. Really, I guess because the “Excellent Adventures” are really more about those KraZy historical figures & less about “Bill & Ted” (or more accurately, what I care about, not so much ado about Ted). Not sure how “Troubled” Ted (although “Troubled Ted” makes an awesomely alliteratory nickname) is – seems pretty untroubled to me – but could fall into the “TTT” category. Maybe all high school kids should have to watch this during history class (with the message “history is good” or “history is easier with time travel” or “history is more fun with those wacky historical figures”) – or perhaps the movie could replace an entire class in high school. Could be called “Napoleon Was a Komplete Kook 101.”



Al LeongGenghis Khan
Alex WinterBill S. Preston, Esq.
Dan ShorBilly the Kid
Dusty O'DeeOld West Ugly Dude
Fee WaybillThe Three Most Important People in the World
Hal Landon, Jr.Captain Logan
Jane WiedlinJoan of Arc

Constantine. John Constantine, asshole. — constantine