This made so much sense at the beginning

The Replacements

You were petrified?

See the white yacht with the satellite dish? I'm the old houseboat next to it covered in seagull shit.

Didn't anybody have anything better to do that day?

Go ahead. I'm just going to stay here for a minute and collect my thoughts.

I don't want to be remembered at all.

The score.

I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style. Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.

[whoooooa!] Definitely not a “good” movie, but, in my mind, one of the great ones. You know that “what 5 movies would you take on a desert island” question? This would be one of my 5. One of my favorite movies. Ever.


[whoooooa!] Ahh, what to write about this movie… it is one of those movies that really should not be good at all. It is a cheesy, overdone, sappy sports movie. And yet, for some reason (most likely because it stars Keanu Reeves) this movie is amazingly wonderful. It has moments of hilarity, moments of action, and a moment of a terribly cheesy love scene: who can ask for more? Here’s some more: there are also some great quotes in this movie. The supporting cast is excellent, and it is worth noting that Keanu took a pay cut just so that the production company would have enough money to pay Gene Hackman. Now that is dedication to the craft.



Brooke LangtonAnnabelle Farrell
David DenmanBrian Murphy
Delaney WilliamsTodd (of Bob, Rob and Todd) (uncredited)
Gene HackmanJimmy McGinty
Jack WardenEdward O'Neil
Jon FavreauDaniel Bateman
Orlando JonesClifford Franklin

Constantine. John Constantine, asshole. — constantine