This made so much sense at the beginning

The Last Time I Committed Suicide

It's a rule. There will be no anarchy on this felt.

You touched my ball first.

Hey Ned, sometimes a little distraction is a good thing.

Was I distracting you by talking?

The only thing that is keeping us from flying off into nowhere, is spinning.

You must resign yourself to being exceptional.

[whoa] Not such a good movie. Not too much of an interesting story. Not too much of a compelling plot. (Aren’t those two things pretty much the same? Well, you can never have too much redundancy.) Keanu does what he does well, but there is nothing around him to make the movie worth seeing.


[whoa] OK. So we’ve had a movie about apparently insanely influential beat poet Neal Cassady (as played by the Punisher), now we need a movie about his lovable (not so lovable at times, but biopics are always more interesting if our lead character has some flaws, like desire to corrupt a miner or a trucker) barfly (and based on the Nicholson movie, we know people go to see those “Barfly” movies) friend “Harry.” Granted “Harry” is likely an amalgam or some just a plot device, but “Harry” still could make the center of a credible movie (I’m pretty sure there have been biopics about fictional characters whose names only appear in “quotations,” right?). Suggested titles: “Let’s Get ‘Harry’” or “With a Friend Like ‘Harry’” or “When ‘Harry’ Met All Those Influential ‘Beat’ Poets, Well Maybe Not ‘All’ of Them, But The Most Influentialest Of All” (a triple “in quotes” title) or “‘Harry’ and Tonto” (possible “Lone Ranger” franchise movie) or “‘Harry’ and the Hendersons”.



Gretchen MolMary Greenway
Jeff Enden(uncredited)
Thomas JaneNeal Cassady

Do you think some of your patients come to see you because you are very pretty? — the watcher