This made so much sense at the beginning

The Gift

I asked her that myself one time. She said I was the only man in town that knew how to fuck.

Stray cat. She didn't like it when I killed her.

You got a lot of pretty things. I like looking at them.

Messing with the devil's gonna get you burned. Everybody knows that.

[whoooa] Keanu plays a wife-beating lazy red-neck, deep Southern accent and all. It is a disturbing and spooky movie. It has a great cast and not a terrible story, but maybe it is the creepiness that just keeps this one from really making it great.


[whooa] If I look into a blue diamond, will this movie get any better? Lots of “cool” & “hip” actors & a great director & Mr. Angelina Jolie (past tense) working to make a mediocre movie. Falls into the little made category of supernatural thriller (a category I might be making up) – unfortunately I found it neither super, natural, nor very thrilling. But, Keanu is practically perfect.



Cate BlanchettAnnabelle 'Annie' Wilson
Danny ElfmanTommey Lee Ballard
Greg KinnearWayne Collins
Hillary SwankValerie Barksdale
J.K. SimmonsSheriff Pearl Johnson
Katie HolmesJessica King

Just a ride, Mike. I don't make anything. What, you think that I sell your body while you are asleep? — my own private idaho