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Much Ado About Nothing

[whoooa] A good film by all accounts, granted it is a bit out of date, as it was written many many years ago by some dude named Bill. Keanu is in roughly three scenes. It is a good movie; I really didn’t watch so much last year, but I enjoyed it this year, despite the odd language constructs they use.


[whoooa] I read somewhere Shakespeare originally wrote this screenplay, then Branagh was brought in to “tweak” it, which lead Bill (as Shakespeare liked to be called on the set) to remove his name from the movie’s “Adapted By” credit. Despite all the behind the scenes drama (which was not at all mentioned in the “making of” featurette) the onscreen material is pretty good stuff.



Kenneth BranaghSignior Benedick
Michael KeatonConstable Dogberry
Richard BriersSignior Leonato
Robert Sean LeonardCount Claudio of Florence

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