This made so much sense at the beginning


And then there were 2.


CNJ is known to many (at least one) as LBK and was born in Atlanta, GA many moons ago. These waxing and waning moons have seen and heard countless witticisms roll off his dulcet tongue. His stinging (yet suave) wit is only perhaps matched by his love of a great pickle (or three) and his fabulous hair. Also, he is rather tall. Not TALL tall, but rather. In addition to being consistently “Mr. Fabulous (hair),” he is also the webmaster for the He thinks it is important the reader know he is only responsible for the parts of the website which are either really great or really cool. You may ask “What about the bad parts? What about the parts I don’t like?” Those are obviously all Matt’s fault.


While some people may be from the Midwest, Matt is from the South (Biloxi, MS, to be precise). Wherever he goes, Matt re-emphasizes those dastardly southern stereotypes (as he is, admittedly, not the sharpest tool in the shed, unless that tool is a bag of wet kittens). He is comforted by the fact that, although he will never be older (and thusly wiser?) than others, he’ll always be older than Jeff. This fact also is troubling to him, as he will also likely be that much closer to the grave than Jeff, too. But then he is comforted as he is not rather short. Comforted and troubled. One of these words describes Matt very well (and it isn’t the one that starts with “comfort”). But he is still comforted, as this Matt won’t wear a halter, because nothing can halt this Matt.

Fellas, fellas, the lady doesn't want to be bothered. — a walk in the clouds