This made so much sense at the beginning

Feeling Minnesota

You shut up. You shut the fuck up.

I hate doctors. I always throw up around doctors.

I spend my whole life trying not to come back here; I just end up coming back here.

It's a candy dish. Congratulations on your marriage. Goodbye.

[Freddie: Did you "come" for me?] I don't even know you.

What's the story? [Mom: they make a nice couple, don't they?] No.

[whoooooa!] Long thought by me to be one of the worst movies ever. Then I actually watched it. My dogs are barking. I just don’t like two of the three main cast members (Twitchy Fucker & Diaz). However, I am able to get over it as Twitchy is more perfectly cast than imaginable and Diaz is reduced to a plot device (in a good way). Good reminder for me to kick the car with shoes on next time. Twitchy actually twitched two people to death, twitched a safe open, twitched a bullet into his arm & twitched himself to death. Keanu is truly great in this. Reinforces moving to Vegas as the American dream. Reviled for years (Looking Back In Stupidity?), now praised, even loved perhaps – flaws and all.


[whoooooa!] The Keanuthon is about surprise endings, black sheep, learning new things about new people, making new friends, etc. “Feeling Minnesota” has for a long time (actually since I saw it in the theaters in 1996) been in my mind one of the worst movies ever made. Apparently I had never actually watched it. Having watched it with full concentration, I am of a completely different mind. I am a new person, thanks to this movie. As it turns out, this movie has a great twisted plot, wonderful casting, and some hilarious (though probably not necessarily planned that way) quotes. Keanu acts exceptionally well, as does Vincent D’Onofrio as his twitchy crazed brother. Cameron Diaz fills her role just fine and Dan Aykroyd makes a great mid-western cop with his corny accent. Is this the reason we ‘Thon? It might just be.



Cameron DiazFreddie Clayton
Courtney LoveRhonda (the waitron)
Dan AykroydBen Costikyan
Max PerlichDesk Clerk at Cowboy Style Hotel
Steve GhizoniWedding Band Singer
Tuesday WeldNora Clayton

You're fucking right it is. — dream to believe