This made so much sense at the beginning

A Walk in the Clouds

Chocolate. I sell chocolate.

The wedding bonbon deluxe. Big seller around June.

There's always the possibility of a forest fire, I suppose.

Fellas, fellas, the lady doesn't want to be bothered.

It did when I got on.

I don't want to go back to selling chocolates, Betty.

[whooooa] For some reason I had not seen this movie before last year. Well, ok, the reason is probably because it looked like a sappy love story, and I just never really cared to see it. Turns out it is a sappy love story, but it is a really good one. Keanu plays a truly good person, with a kind heart and much honor. And Keanu plays it very well. Good characters, good story, good acting.


[whoooooa!] Great love story. With WWII as a haunting backdrop, Keanu manages to find love with a gorgeous Mexican vineyard heiress who happens to have two Italians actors playing her Mexican father & grandfather (in a remake of an Italian film, which confuses me more than usual). Of course, the road to this love is not an easy one. After much grape play (not sure what else to call courting in & around a vineyard) and trials (and their strange bedfellows, tribulations), love does save the day in this achingly beautiful film.



Aitana Sanchez-GijonVictoria Aragon
Angelica AragonMaria Jose Aragon
Anthony QuinnDon Pedro Aragon
Debra MessingBetty Sutton
Evangelina ElizondoGuadalupe Aragon
Fred BurriSwiss Yodler
Giancarlo GianniniAlberto Aragon
Ismael GallegosJose's Musical Son

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. — bill and teds excellent adventure