This made so much sense at the beginning

Welcome to the 'Thon

This is where Matt will write some stuff about the ‘Thon.

While you are here, you should check out all of the movies and other appearances Keanu has made. Also, we have kept an extensive log of our previous watchings — we call it the Keanulog or “Klog” for short, but you probably could have guessed that. For a past history of the order of what we watched, look at the schedule.

Are you still curious about this whole thing? Do you have burning questions in your mind, like “Who are these people?” or “Why would they do this?”. Or maybe you are just plain stupified at the concept and don’t even know where to start: “What is this all about?”

Enjoy, and maybe we’ll see you at the ‘Thon soon.

Why should you care? You just stay around to fuck my mother and eat her food! — rivers edge