This made so much sense at the beginning

Point Break

The correct term is babes, sir. Uhh. This type of undercover operation is entirely dependent on picking up the idiom of the speech. Otherwise penetration isn't possible, sir. Of the social infrastucture, I mean.

Amazing. Fucking amazing.


I'm going to learn to surf or break my neck.

I want you to teach me.

Punk. Quarterback punk.

Not so far. We must have an asshole shortage.

Zero distortion, sir.

Sir, I take the skin off chicken.

[whooooa] Love this movie. It is a classic of Keanu performance. Some wonderful quotes (“I am an FBI agent”), some real tension (when he realizes he cannot shoot Swayze), and great action (mainly the surfing). Most people would say that this is a bad movie. Well if this movie is bad, show me a great movie!


[whooooa] Verges on a classic, but just doesn’t quite know when to say enough is enough (better than “Speed” in this regard, but at times a little too similar in its 3 endings). The best Swayze/Keanu pairing to date (my other option is the soon to be classic “Youngblood”) – packed with perfect action movie dialogue (I have no idea what that is, but know it when I hear it, somewhat like the Supreme Court definition of pornography), good surfing (although not nearly enough of it), the second time Keanu lies about his parents dying in a car crash (see “Young Again”) and enough Gary Busey to make any Buddy Holly fan happy (and we all know too much Gary is never enough).



Galyn GoergMargarita
Gary BuseyFBI Agent Angelo Pappas
John C. McGinleyFBI Agent Ben Harp
Lori PettyTyler Ann Endicott

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