This made so much sense at the beginning


If you're worried, the place is well lit--people can hear your screams.

It's okay — just my head.

Hey, hey, hey, can we cool it with the 'bitches' here?

Jimmy, I ain't no good with kids.

You want to kick my ass. No one can kick my ass better than I can.

I'm looking for the Bulls to cover the spread.

[whoooooa!] It would be hard for me not to love a movie with baseball & Keanu. And so I do.


[whooooa] One more tear jerker to end Keanuthon. Keanu is great as a good-for-nothing gambler trying to work his way out of debt by coaching a little league team for inner city kids. And of course, Keanu becomes attached to the team, some bad stuff happens, and in the end everyone comes together as a team and Keanu gets the girl, finally.



A. Delon Ellis, Jr.Miles Pennfield II
Brian M. ReedRaymond "Ray Ray" Bennet
DeWayne WarrenJarius "G-Baby" Evans
Diane LaneElizabeth Wilkes
John HawkesTicky Tobin

But we control these machines — they don't control us... If we wanted to, we could shut these machines down. — matrix regurgitated