This made so much sense at the beginning

Permanent Record

I egged your house once when I was a sophomore. I'm, like, apologizing.

This trip through space and time is going to be over soon enough anyway, right? Doesn't need any help from me. Came into this thing kicking and screaming, going out the same way.

Alright, we go in. You act like you own the joint. [Other guy: How will you act?] Like I just sold it to you.

Everything's crazy. So what?

[whoooa] This is a touching story of a teenager (Keanu) who loses a close friend to suicide. Keanu comes to terms with the loss, mainly through connecting with his music and the hot girl he seems to pick in every movie. I was at the grocery store for most of it, so it’s not too fresh in my head.


[whoooa] Never really thought about all those movies Keanu made in the first few years with big serious topics (and amazingly, never a topic retread), this one included (teen suicide). Handled deftly, in a mature way, without presenting any kind of “answers” where there simply aren’t any. Movie shows Keanu engaging in one of his passions (playing music) and we get to see a production of HMS Pinafore. Who would have thought Gilbert & Sullivan and teen suicide would meld well, but they do.



Alan BoyceDavid Sinclair
Barry CorbinJim Sinclair
Dakin MatthewsMr. McBain
Kathy BakerMartha Sinclair
Paul BeachAdmiral of the Pinafore

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