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Something's Gotta Give

How great is it that I'm not intimidated by your brilliance?

Rule of thumb is, if you can climb a flight of stairs, you can have sex.

No one on earth would forgive you for that kiss.

These are for you to give me when you apologize.

Why not? I put the tie on and everything.

This may surprise you, but some women consider me quite the guy.

One more 'fine' and I won't believe you.

I think Mr. Midnight needs to stay put for a couple of more weeks.

[whooa] Essentially the sequel to “As Good As It Gets,” this movie is not nearly as good as it should have gotten. Despite how perfect Keanu is in the role and how good of a person his character is, in the end, he does not get the girl — a girl he should not even be trying to get. Doctor, what’s wrong with Frances McDormand, or Amanda Peet, or that cute nurse in operating room #3? Or hell, go for Carla’s ass. Maybe then her ass’ production company could produce a documentary about your life. The only thing preventing this movie from getting a solid [whoa] is a perfectly cast and played Keanu.


[whooa] Keanu Reeves is Ralph Bellamy. Why is the hootentihoot world would you pick Jack Freaking Nicholson over Keanu? Why? I’ll tell you why. You’re Diane Keaton. And you are clinically insane. Jack is getting older & more shaped like an egg (I understand he still is “Jack” – but come on!), but nevertheless a charming egg. But, Keanu is spot on in this. Don’t fret! It isn’t just Keanu who is wasted in this (which does have its moments), Frances McDormand & Jon Favreau are too. Guess I just wanted him to be the lead in a romantic comedy (and still have a certain delusionality when watching, thinking Keanu will get the girl because he is so clearly much better) – not the cuckold being stood up in restaurants and abandoned in Paris.



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