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Parenthood · 06/24/2004

10:58am – “Parenthood”, 1989

This is a prime example of a movie where Keanu doesn’t have a big part (but is still great and really integral), but the movie is still really good (unlike our current whipping boy “Youngblood”). A pleasure to watch. Still, one is left with a bit of longing and one plaintive question (“where is that darn Keanu?”). Not sure we laughed this much since “Bogus Journey” or “I Love You To Death” – we watched those movies ages ago, right?

If only Keanu had sung the diarrhea song. Well maybe this isn’t much of a dream and Keanu has kind of left the “kids” roles behind, so I retract. But still would be a nice moment for the video montage (potentially).

11:10 – nip.

The ‘Thon could use a little more Rick Moranis, maybe Keanu could make a “Honey, I shrunk the Neo” movie. Of course for this idea to work, it would also have to have Rick Moranis (that was the original idea, after all). Also Carrie-Anne Moss might maybe should be in it. Maybe we should stop there – we cast cast an ultimateKeanumovie some other time.

Multiple ponytails. Multiple birthmarks. Bad dudes.

“Matt, none of that. We’re a team.”

Jeff is beginning to suggest Keanu play practically every part in the movie. The older, thankful Kevin. The Rick Moranis role (which would mean we would really NEED the “Honey, I shrunk the…” movie) The younger Kevin. The Mary Steenburgen role. I think you get the picture. Not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, it just is.

12:03 – Parenthood is still on. A rather oblique tie here: not only is a child Joaquin Phoenix in it, but so is Martha Plimpton, who later shows up in “Mosquito Coast” with River, who, as we know from that really terrible Uncovered video. Moment of creepiness when we all think about having to listen to Joaquin on that really terrible Uncovered video.

12:05 Keanu picture op: Keanu with the wacky glasses, smiling at Joaquin. Then Keanu makes what is arguably the best speech in the whole movie.

Now we are all gathered back in front of the TV, eating a little mac ‘n’ cheese. Things are back on track.

Whoa. Steve Martin just asked why they shouldn’t have a dozen kids. Creepy foreshadowing.

Is this the only movie where Keanu has a baby? Matt points out that there are the three girls in “Dracula” who double (triple?) up on him, and Carla points out that he gets in on with his half sister in “Devil’s Advocate”, but in neither of those does he have a kid. But he might in the potential sequels. TItles forthcoming.

Just want to send a shout out to Randy Newman for his wonderful musical soundtrack.

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