This made so much sense at the beginning

My Own Private Idaho · 11/25/2006

11:51am. Private Keanu.

Jeff is questioning the “urgency” of the ‘Thon. We’ll have to do better with that next year.

Idaho is still rolling, but we have the sound down – 3 kids aged 10 or under are in the room – MPL does not feel like it should rear its ugly head this early in the day for our 4 year old. But MPL is always appropriate.

Has he ever considered a political career in getting some mansex? If he has I am certain he would get elected.

Most of the movies seem a little longer than they normally have. Perhaps because we are (and by we, we mean Jeff) working on the webiste and not getting to watch as much of the movies. Or maybe My Own Private Idaho just feels really long.

But Jeff is a show off, with or without crazy earrings.

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Wake up! Wipe the slugs off your face - get ready for a new day. — my own private idaho